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Eyelash Extension Design Training (Advanced Level)
Training introduction:
Eye shape correction and color matching, corrections of phoenix eyes, (hidden) double eyelids, round eyes, droopy hooded eyes. Extension techniques used for different eyelash growth cycles. Exclusive deux technique of speedy eyelash extension, five major design patterns, eyelash color application and on-site marketing and management. Training kits will be provided.

color matching

phoenix eyes

(hidden) double eyelids

round eyes

droopy hooded eyes

The training is mainly designedfor experienced technicians.
1. Focus on chromatology and trendy elements in eyelashes. Trainees will learn how to balance contrast and complementary colors to enhance eyelash extension quality.
2. Analyze the oriental eye shapes so that trainees will learn how to modify different eye shapes by extensions in order to create customized and natural-looking. The training will be mainly based on the trainee’s hands-on practice.
By the end of the training, the trainee will be equipped with professional knowledge and skills for micro-cosmetic and colored eyelash extensions and also will be qualified to become a certified professional eyelash technicians. The trainee can apply for a completion certificate from the Association of Pigmentation and Eyelash Extension.
* This training will be based on hands-on practices. Please do not come to class with any eye makeup or eyelash extensions.
Class time: The training schedule will be announced on Biomooi’s official website.
Topics Overview
* Eyelash extension market (colored eyelashes)
* Chromatology study and color trends this year.
* Extension tools and material use
* Color matching and hands-on practice
* Extension maintenance and aftercare
* Extension review and assignment discussion
* Eyelash extension market (micro-cosmetic effect)
* Eye shape analysis
* Extension tools and material use
* Extension practice for eye shape correction
Suitable trainee:
1. Individuals who have acquired eyelash extension techniques
2. Cosmetologists or healthcare professionals
3. Anyone who’d like to acquire eyelash extension certification
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