Why when I use the adhesive, the joint will “highlight” and the color turns from black into white?
This normally happen with the moisture from the environment. For example, during the eyelash extension procedure, clients tear and touch the not-dry-out adhesive, or after the stylist using saline washing eyes of the client, the saliferous water might also cause the highlight. And if the local weather is damp or has raining season, it is advised to use the Biomooi Coating Sealant after due to the condition that the adhesive will take even more time to fully dry out.
How to use the remover? And how long does it take for the removing process?
The way to use the remover correctly is to ask your client close her eyes gently, laid the cotton pad under the lower eyelid, then pour the adhesive into the professional bowl, use the Super Fine Microfiber Brush to remove the adhesive and synthetic eyelashes. During the procedure it is important not to contact the skin of the client so as not to cause any allergy or related uncomfortable condition. The removal process normally takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes for a full set. 
Why can’t I use cotton swab instead of microfiber brush for the removal procedure?
The cotton swab has larger contact surface and better water uptake, so the absorption of adhesive is more than the microfiber brush, the clients might feel uncomfortable due to the unavoidable irritation. Biomooi Super Fine Microfiber Brushesis perfect for remove the adhesive, with less cotton flocking falling off and more convenient way to readjust the single synthetic lash without disturbing other finished lashes.
The remover pad and the makeup remover have the similar function, why do I need to buy the makeup remover then?
The main function of the remover pad is to fully clean the eye area so as to confirm the result of eyelash extension will be nicely done. Biomooi Giga-white Eye Makeup Remover is especially for the eyelash extension; it is oil-free and contains herbal extracts that does removing makeup, whitening and moisturizing skin at the same time.
What is the material of the Biomooi synthetic lashes?
The material of Biomooi synthetic lashes contain tiny fibers made of silk fibroin which is soaking into collagen extract for 48 hours. All are handmade of the highest quality.
Synthetic lashes are similar to human hair, and also have the least possible chance of allergic reactions with human skin.
Is it strange to extend colored lashes?

The answer to this question really is - it depends; some might say yes while some might say no. However, many people mistakenly assume that colored lash extension is a combination of all different colors. This is not true , and even celebrities might not want to go out with tons of color on their eyes. Colored lashes can be in just one color, or you can ask the eyelash technician to mix and match colors that go with each other to create a layered look. A professionally certified eyelash technician is just like a makeup artist or stylist; he or she is able to create the best look for your eyes based on your skin, hair and eye color, your personality or even your work place.
A model for an Internet auction platform has once tried colored lashes for attending a TV show. Since she wore brown contact lens, the technician gave her the combination of “classic chocolate with caramel macchiato” lashes, which made her eyes full of energy and spirit. Later, with the use of eyeliner, her eyes and her powerful look were just like the ones seen on the top models.
What’s the difference between wearing false lashes and extending eyelashes?

Whether you wear false lashes, apply mascara or extend eyelashes, the ultimate goal is the same: to make your eyes look bigger and more attractive.
According to a survey in Japan, a great number of women think “without makeup on the eyelashes, it is almost as if one doesn’t wear any makeup at all”. The biggest difference between wearing  false lashes and extending eyelashes is probably the feeling of realness.
Those who have tried extension might know that extension is to attach a single or strands of lashes on the eyelashes, so it definitely looks much more real than gluing a stripe of neat-looking lashes onto your eyelids.
We discovered a very interesting fact. Those who apply mascara usually can’t live without false lashes once they know how to wear them because the eyes look more focused, and if they ever try eyelash extensions, they will not live without extensions then for its complete naturalness. This is why women such as flight attendants, celebrities, pregnant women or businesswomen who don’t have much time or need to travel a lot are all very fond of eyelash extensions. It’s a realness that doesn’t go away after you remove your makeup.
Are there as many choices in lash extensions as in false lashes?

Wearing false lashes has been popular for a quite good length of time, and false lashes have all kinds of different styles, so wearing false lashes is of course a very ideal choice if you like to change styles more often. A lot of makeup professionals keep emphasizing, “No matter which method you choose to decorate your eyes, the most important thing is to look natural.” If you choose to wear false lashes, we recommend you to practice often and attend workshops of wearing false lashes because if you wear it inappropriately or purchase lashes of poor quality, it might damage your eyes.
Common problems of wearing false lashes include: having allergy to lash adhesives, feeling the lashes stinging one’s eyes, adhesive applied too little or unevenly so that false lashes are not attached to the eyelids solidly and it feels like it’s falling when there is a wind.
A big difference between extending eyelashes and wearing false lashes is that there is a professional technician to extend the lashes for you. In terms of its variety, extensions are no less than false lash products in the market as there are over a hundred different sizes and styles of eyelashes used in extensions. With different ways of combination, eyelash extension can be limitless. Moreover, the extension lasts for 30 to 45 days and the usual price is between $100 to $300 (according to the extended volume); in comparison, it is rather inexpensive and that is the reason why it has become a new hit among women.
Basically, lash extension can be separated into natural, volume, and extra-volume. In terms of the overall look, you can choose to be cute, elegant, sexy, fancy, etc. For those who dare to try a new look, you can mix and match colored lashes; therefore, there are many alternatives for extensions as for wearing false lashes.
Can I extend eyelashes by myself?

Some people think the idea of lash extension is fun and they are eager to learn how to do it by themselves. Experienced technicians usually find it amusing because it's like when a hairdresser wants to cut his own hair by himself. It's not totally impossible but it's technically more challenging and it's possible to cause eye injury. As a result, we do not consider it a good idea nor do we encourage people to do it at home.
The reason is that: the application of lash extensions and lash stripe are completely different. The former plants real or false single lashes individually; the most basic natural style (totally around 120 lashes for two eyes) takes at least 40 to 60 minutes. If you extend your own eyelashes, it takes a much longer time and it’s difficult to manage everything perfectly. Most importantly, the hand gesture to apply your own lashes is not the same as you apply other’s lashes; it is very likely that you can hurt yourself when you use the tweezers near your own eyes. Besides, the eyelash adhesive remover contains a certain degree of chemicals and it causes allergic reaction sometimes. Therefore, it is safer to let a trained professional extend your eyelashes than trying it on your own.
How do I apply and remove makeup after a lash extension?

After an eyelash extension, your lash volume increases greatly; there will be a “hidden eyeliner” effect, so it’s strong enough that you don’t have to wear more eye makeup. However, if you’d like to enhance the overall look of your face, you can either wear a full face makeup or just apply eye shadow to highlight the eyes.
One thing to pay attention to is that oil products will loosen and remove the extension adhesive; therefore, if you want to apply mascara, it is recommended that you choose a water-based mascara especially formulated to wear with lash extensions. This type of mascara can be removed by water, thus there’s no need for a remover; in addition, this type of mascara usually contains so little wax, so it will not dissolve the extension adhesive.
Moreover, do remember to use water-based makeup removers to gently wipe off all your makeup. If you wear eyeliners, you need to carefully remove it by cotton swabs. Do not rub your eyes too hard to avoid the breakage of your natural lashes. As long as you follow these tips, you can still glow in full makeup after an eyelash extension.
Can I still visit a spa while wearing my eyelash extension?

Except oil, eyelash extensions easily dissolve under high temperatures. In order to keep the strength of the adhesive, technicians will usually remind you to keep your lashes dry within the next 3 hours (or even longer) after the extension; this means to avoid water, steam and also avoid visiting a sauna, steam room, hot pot store or any places with great heat within 3 days, so that your extensions might stay on longer.
The adhesive will fully bond after 3 days of the extension, and the lashes are less likely to fall off after that. For this reason, if you need to have a face massage, please ask your technician, rather than rubbing your skin with her palm, try to press the acupoints near your eye areas. Other than that, if you want a steam facial, try to use a hot towel instead, so that the heat won’t affect the adhesive too much.
Does it hurt to have an eyelash extension?

The technician will attach individual false lashes 0.1mm next to your natural lashes close to the eyelids, so that they are not directly attached to your eyelids. The adhesive and tweezers won’t touch your skin nor your eyes at all, so generally it is a very gentle process so it won’t cause any pain. If your eye skin area is more sensitive, you can also ask the technician to apply a Q10 Lash Extension Eye Mask rather than low-adhesive tapes on your face so that you feel more comfortable during the process.
For clients whose eyes are more vulnerable to allergies, technicians usually use the anti-allergy adhesive that has milder ingredients. Although its durability is about 5 to 7 days shorter than a general adhesive, it is a better and safer choice for sensitive eyes.
In addition, an technicians’ skill decides the quality of your lash extension. If your technician attends professional training to keep upgrading, he or she will have a better knowledge and be more reliable and have up-to-date extension skills. This also ensures the high quality of the service.
If you can’t be sure about an technician’s professional background, an eyelash extension license is an easier way to value his or her skill. This type of license can be separated to Level B and C. Level C is a fundamental license for technicians; anyone who acquires a Level C License is equipped with general skills and correct knowledge of lash extension. However, a Level B is an advanced license; one with a Level B License has a master’s skills who can not only apply extension but is also capable of designing different looks of eyelashes. Before you decide who to go to, you can search for the technician’s certifications and portfolio to make sure you can enjoy a wonderful process of eyelash extension.
Why is aftercare important to maintain my extension?

Many who have eyelash extensions for the first time ask this question: why do I need to spend more time and money to maintain my extension after I have my lashes extended?
The answer is fairly simple: after we have a facial or medical beauty treatment, we still need to take the effort to care for our skin, and if we have a hairdo, we surely will use other hair care products to protect and maintain our hair in case of future breakage or damage.
For eyelashes it is the same idea. It is said: prevention is better than cure. Whether it is the face, the hair or eyelashes, it is better to do daily care to maintain its healthiness. The care process for eyelashes is very simple; below is an easy instruction to follow.
Are eyelash extensions suitable for everyone?

The eyelash extension is to glue individual lashes next to the real lashes, so if your lashes are very healthy, there is no problem to extend lashes for everyone.
The only purpose to extend lashes is simply to make your lashes look longer and thicker, or to make it curlier than before. Eyelash extension can create many different kinds of style, and technicians can also use lashes of different sizes to adjust the eye shape for clients.
By lash extension, for instance, the most common Asian eyes that are narrow with single eyelids can be corrected into dolly round eyes; moreover, for the puffy eyes with hidden double eyelids, extensions can stress the outline of the eyes so that that hidden double eyelids look less cold and distant. To decide whether someone is not suitable for lash extension, there are things to consider such as:
1. Eye lashes are very sparse that one almost doesn’t have lashes.
2. Eye lashes are already damaged greatly.
3. One who likes to rub eyes constantly.
4. One has eye diseases.
5. One had laser eye surgery in the past two years.
For people who have problems above, we strongly recommend you to spend time taking care of your lashes and eyes first before you try an eyelash extension because only on healthy eyes can the best lash extensions be created.
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