Shopping Guide
Purchase process :
Step 1 : “Sign in” or “Sign up” 
Sign up to be a member of Biomooi shopping website then you can choose all the products that we offer. If you are already the member, please sign in to enjoy your shopping.
Step 2 : Choose your products
After checking your products and make sure of the amount, press the “Add to Cart” button and the products will go into your shopping cart. When you finish your shopping, please go to the “Check Shopping Cart” to bill.
Step 3 : Check the shopping list
(1) “Check Shopping Cart” will show all the products you chose and the amount.
(2) If you have coupons, you can use the coupon to redeem your reward points.
(3) When you reach the amount for discount, you will get the discount right away
  on this bill.
(4) Please check the amount, and choose the country you want the products to deliver.
  The system will calculate the traffic fee automatically.
(5) If you had any extra request that you want to inform us, please write it in
  “Your message”.
(6) Please read “Terms & Conditions” carefully, if you agree on the contract, check the
  “I agree with the Terms & Conditions”.
(7) Press the “Check out” button.
Step 4 : Please fill out the receiver information
To make sure that you can receive the products successfully, please fill out the receiver
information carefully.
Step 5 : Please check the shopping list and receiver information
Check the shopping list and receiver information that they are all correct.
Step 6 : Pay with Paypal
Please fill out the Paypal credit card information, the shopping procedure will be finished once you send all the information out.
Step 7 : The confirm letter
After all the procedure is down, the system will send you one confirm letter to your email box. If you have not gotten the letter in 24 hours, please check the “Order History” or send one email to the Biomooi customer services :
Introduction of the shipping :
Biomooi uses international Courier to ship the products, if you want to check the delivery condition, you can see from the “Check My Order” to see the international Courier delivery number, and go to their official website to check the delivering process.
Introduction of dealing with the defective product :
Biomooi will check all our products carefully before delivering; however, if the products got damaged while delivering process, please take some clear pictures of the damaged products and mail to : Indicating the defective part, the customer service will contact you as soon as possible.

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