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This is a 2-day course that includes lunch and afternoon tea. Students are trained on the angle and stability of eyelash curling and applying eyelash adhesive from ”Paper Practice – to False Eyelashes Practice – to Real Practice”. You will learn the correct way of using black eyelash adhesives and gain professional knowledge on eyelash extension,
1.       ◎ Practice 3 Types of Eyes (Graceful, Cute and Sexy). Make flexible use of different combinations of eyelash dimensions.



2.       ◎ Unique Creation “Positioning instruction”: Beginners often do a good job with the right eye, but seem uncoordinated when it comes to the left eye. This is due to the contrasting skill level. Solve this problem quickly by learning the positioning method,
3.       ◎ 4-week Assignment (Paper Practice, False Eyelashes, Real Practice): Students must finish all assignments so that the certificate of completion can be issued. Since the course fees have been paid, you should ensure that you learn something from it and that you adhere strictly to the weekly assignment deadlines. Late submissions will not be accepted.
Paper Practice

False Eyelashes

Real Practice

4.       ◎ Quarterly small-scale Grade C Eyelash extension Certificate Exam organized by the PEA Society: By putting in effort to learn the new skill, a Grade C eyelash extension technician certification will not only ascertain your technical skills, but will also ensure that you are in better stead for future entrepreneurship, and gain the recognition of your consumers.
5.       ◎ Life-long Learning Platfrom: Many students worry that they will have no one to ask for help after the course. Don’t worry! All of you will be added to the “Pretty Eyelashes Newbies Facebook Group”, which features instructors’ after-class advice. Students can also post technical questions for all to discuss and solve.
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