Eyelash Extensions
The procedure of eyelash extension
The eyelash extension is a delicate skill that requires the stylist putting single strands of synthetic lashes that are applied one to your own natural lashes. Each synthetic strand is tapered at the tip with a thick base and curled to replicate a natural lash. The procedure typically takes anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on the expertise of the lash stylist and the number of lashes being applied per eye. The aim of the extension is to create a lush, long and natural look for the eyelashes.


The stylists are trained to design and “style” lashes to suit the needs of the client, which will conduct a consultation with his/her client and take into consideration the client’s eye shape, condition of natural lashes, facial features, skin tone, and the lifestyle and preference of the client. The Lash Stylist will then select the appropriate lengths, curvatures, thicknesses and colors to customize a unique, individual look for their client.

The synthetic lashes and adhesives

The synthetic lashes play the most important role in the procedure of eyelash extension. Biomooi Lashes cooperated with the Korean company to research and develop the best quality lashes in the world. The quality differs from the flexibility, the color saturation, brightness, and curvature to distinguish to two levels, 2A and 3A. Biomooi synthetic lashes are steeped into collagen for more 48 hours, under condition of low-temperature and high-pressure, the texture feels like the real lashes, so is popular to all the lash stylist in the world.

Another indispensable role is the adhesive; Biomooi adhesives all approved by FDA/SGS certification, and have the perfect adhesion to the synthetic lashes. Furthermore, the adhesives differ from the durability, the setting time, and the level of irritation; those make the most complete set of adhesives in the world.

Aftercare products
Biomooi has developed the aftercare products for eyelash extension, for example, Biomooi Eyelash Nourish Lotion, Biomooi Coating Sealant, Biomooi Powerful Lash Styling Gel, Max2 Volume up Mascara…etc. These products are sold to Asia and Europe, with the approval from all of the eyelash stylists and clients.
In 2012, we researched and developed the new products for aftercare of eyelash extension procedure, especially for the skin of eye area. To satisfy the consumer and market requirement, the diversity and rich product line of Biomooi becomes the best assistant for the eyelash extension.

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