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Sueno Advisory Service Co., Ltd.
is a company that has many years of experiences of cosmetic marketing and instrument manufacturing, specializing in taking laboratory ideas and transferring them into reliable cosmetic products. From research & development, product designing, manufacturing, package designing, carrying out marketing strategy to bringing products in to the market.

In 2007, Sueno Advisory Service Co., Ltd. came across Biomooi at the Italy Cosmetic Exhibition. Biomooi was originally a team comprised by several professional dermatologists from North American and European countries, focusing on advancing research in skin care. After 4 years of preliminary tests of their partnership, in 2011 two companies officially confirmed their partnership and established Biomooi International Co. Ltd.

Inheriting the know-how and solid manufacturing experiences from Sueno Advisory Service Co., Ltd, Biomooi International Co. Ltd. is able to utilize its resources and bring innovative products into the cosmetic industry. Based on our multi-professional backgrounds, Biomooi International Co. Ltd will continue working on the new skin care formulas and dermatology medical instruments with the dermatology teams in Europe/North America. By uniting the R&D, manufacturing and cosmetic marketing consultants, it is believed that Biomooi International Co. Ltd will soon become a renowned company worldwide.

Biomooi International Co. Ltd  will expand the market worldwide by the eyelash extension related products with the best quality of all. We also provide the ultimate volume lashes technique directly to the stylists all over the world.

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